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We are not just a 3PL provider, but rather a valuable partner to our clients. Our solutions are expertly designed and consistently delivered, ensuring our clients' peace of mind. Furthermore, every interaction with us is built on the principles of integrity and respect, which are fundamental to our business.

Warehouse services

Prep for Amazon

receiving, visual inspection, labeling

$1.00 / item

Bundling products

<5 items / set
$1.00 for the 1st item +
$0.20 for each further item
Add packaging

poly bag/bubble wrap,

$0.50 / item
Warehouse labor

re-packing, etc.

$70.00 / hour


Small Parcel Delivery (SPD)
Forwarding by cartons
$5.00 / carton
Less Than Truckload (LTL)
Forwarding by pallets
$50.00 / pallet


Removal orders

Available and price upon request

starting from $1 / unit
fee includes receiving, labeling, release to a carrier
Do not charge for receiving unless it is a floor loaded or loose cargo
Container unload
45ft - $750.00
40ft - $650.00
20ft - $450.00


Monthly Storage

Prorated daily. Do not increase during the pick season and not charging extra for long-term storage.

$0.65 per cb ft / month

Warehouse California, Fba Warehousing, Warehousing USA

Warehouse services

Over the course of our 7 years in the US logistics market, we have gained extensive experience and offered a wide range of services, including transloading, cross-docking, storage, picking, packaging, and shipping goods to their final destination. Whether you are a manufacturer, experienced e-commerce seller, distributor, or emerging seller, A-Storage Hub is always ready to become your strategic partner in warehouse and logistics services.

We have a clear understanding of the entire product movement chain and possess all the necessary capacities. As our client, you can leverage our vast experience in efficient supply chain management and much more.

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3PL USA, Last Mile Delivery


A-Storage Hub works only with verified carriers: UPS, USPS, Fedex and also offers shipping services within the United States.

As for shipping goods to marketplaces, we offer two options: shipping by boxes and by pallets. In the case of shipping by boxes, no additional work is done on the goods. Box labeling and handover to the carrier are already included in the cost. When forming a pallet, shrink wrapping, the pallet itself, and its labeling are also included in the cost.

A-Storage Hub specialists will help you determine which shipping method to choose. Simply contact us for additional information.

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California Prep Center, FBA, FBM


Goods in, also referred to as receiving, is the initial stage in the order fulfillment procedure. It entails sending your inventory to a fulfillment warehouse where it will be stored and made ready for picking and packing orders.

By selecting A-Storage Hub as your order fulfillment partner, you will have access to our team's developed Warehouse Management System (WMS). This system allows you to oversee and control the entire goods in process, from beginning to end. You can track inventory stock, manage payment transactions, view the current account balance, create shipping orders, and upload any required documents and files.

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Small Parcel Delivery, Less Than Truckload

Just pay for the space you actually use

Our storage fees are based on cubic measurements and are prorated on a daily basis. Even during long-term storage or peak seasons, our tariff remains unchanged.

While this option may not be widely available in most warehouses, it has proven to be more cost-efficient compared to "by pallet" storage. With our pricing model, you only pay for the actual size of your cartons, rather than being restricted by the limited space on pallets determined by their height.

Billing for storage occurs on a monthly basis, and you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the services we provided and the items we have stored for you. This ensures transparency and clarity in our billing process.

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